UT professor: Orlando shooting highlights discrimination of LGBT minorities

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Another aspect of the Orlando mass shooting that may not immediately come to mind is the fact that it highlights compounded discrimination of a minority group within a minority group. Many of the victims were LGBT people of color.

“Many queer and trans people of color in Florida and throughout the Twitterverse have been reacting to this event by highlighting how the massacre in Orlando is in many ways an extreme example of the everyday terrorism that LGBT people of color experience in the U.S. as targets of vitriol and discrimination on the street, in institutions such as schools and hospitals, and in the media, law, and politics,” said University of Tennessee Assistant Professor of Psychology Patrick Grzanka.

Grzanka says while it’s important to remember that everyone is potentially vulnerable to mass shootings, the Orlando killings targeted LGBT people of Latin descent, several of whom were undocumented.

“[LGBT] people of color sometimes experience discrimination in ways that are not directly comparable to straight people of color or white LGBT people,” Grzanka said. “These dynamics are especially important to consider in times of profound stress and trauma.”

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