Nashville Zoo announces birth of white-cheeked gibbon

(Courtesy: Nashville Zoo via WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Nashville Zoo announced the birth of a white-cheeked gibbon on Monday.

The baby boy, born on June 5, is the first white-cheeked gibbon to be born at the zoo. The species is considered to be critically endangered.

Zoo officials said the first-time mom, Singwah, and baby are doing well.

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“We’ve established a great relationship with Singwah through daily target training,” said Sabrina Barnes, primate supervisor. “Through this training, Singwah let us touch her belly and so we were able to monitor her pregnancy through ultrasound. Once the baby was born, she eagerly showed us the infant but has made it clear that no touching is allowed.”

Singwah and her new baby will spend the next few weeks bonding in a den away from zoo visitors.

For more information on the Nashville Zoo, visit their website.

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