What to buy and what to avoid buying in June

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – June is the time when most people head outdoors to enjoy the warm weather, but if you know where to look, you can find some good bargains.

June has traditionally been a great month for lingerie sales, and few stores can rival the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale, which typically lasts three to four weeks. The sale can take an impressive 70 percent off a variety of items and discounts get better toward the latter half of the sale. Sears also cuts its prices on lingerie this month. According to Money Talks News you can save up to 80 percent off some items.

Although Father’s Day sales don’t get as much hype as Mother’s Day sales, retailers are offering this month a variety of deals on gifts for your dad. However, you should avoid buying predictable gifts like grills, and you should steer clear of shirt-and-tie combos, which won’t offer much in terms of savings.

With warmer weather already here more people will want to exercise outdoors, rather than inside a gym. The good news is that June is traditionally a good month for sales on fitness apparel and accessories. Look for up to 55 percent off from stores including REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods and L.L. Bean on sporting goods and outdoor equipment.

June is traditionally a busy month for the folks at Apple, and that means consumers should make Apple purchases with caution. On June 13, Apple will begin its annual Worldwide Developers Conference where it’s rumored Apple will unveil a major overhaul of their Macbook laptops, and possibly a second-generation Apple Watch. In any event, new models will mean big price drops on older items.

If there’s one thing you should avoid buying in June, it’s a new TV. The summer months are traditionally bad for TV deals in the sense that you don’t see many offers, and prices are higher than usual. However, if you must buy a new set, sticking with 55-inch TVs will offer the best deals. Sets of this size have plateaued in price around $550 for name brand, and $400 for off-brand.

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