Why experts say you shouldn’t allow your kids to jump on trampolines

Jenna Kagan, right, shares the family trampoline with sons Joey, 7, left, and Hunter, 6, and the family dog Daisy during a summer day at home, Thursday, July 31, 2008, in Maple Valley, Wash., near Seattle. Kagan, who is a stay-at-home Mom and home-schools her three children, says that the current uneasy economy has seen her family spend more time at home instead of going out for dinner and other costly activities. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Bouncing is big fun for kids. From trampoline parks to backyard playgrounds, trampolines are marketed as a way to stay healthy and have lots of fun, but many experts say they are not safe.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports more than 104,000 trampoline injuries treated in emergency rooms across the country in 2014. The American Academy of Pediatrics says not to buy a trampoline for your home and don’t allow your kids to jump on trampolines at other people’s homes. They say they are dangerous, even with nets and should only be used in supervised training programs.

Dr. Julia Arana with East Tennessee Children’s Hospital says common trampoline injuries include broken bones, concussions and other head injuries, sprains/strains, bruises, and neck and spinal cord injuries which can lead to permanent paralysis or death.

The injures are most commonly caused by colliding with another person, landing improperly while jumping or doing stunts, falling or jumping off the trampoline, or falling on the springs or frame.

If you do allow your child to jump on a trampoline, make sure there is adult supervision at all times and there is only one jumper at a time. Don’t allow somersaults or other dangerous stunts. Make sure the trampoline has adequate protective padding that is in good condition and repair damaged equipment before allowing children to jump.

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