Tennessee mom, boyfriend charged for ‘serious bodily injury and torture’ of children

Courtesy: Metro Nashville Police Department

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Nashville mother and her boyfriend are facing several charges for reportedly abusing her two children.

April Love, 27, and Jeffrey Jarrett, 33, are each charged with 16 counts of aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect involving serious bodily injury and torture.

Authorities started investigating the family after the children’s biological father, who lives in a neighboring state, noticed bruising on his 6 and 3-year-old sons. He took them to an emergency room for evaluation. After interviewing the children, police say they learned that Love and Jarrett were reportedly abusing the kids.

According to officials, the couple used what the children referred to as “the water treatment” to discipline them. The children said water would be dumped on their heads, getting into their noses and mouths. The couple wouldn’t stop until the kids stopped crying.

Love and Jarrett are also accused of paddling the children with a large paddle labeled “attitude adjuster.”

They have been charged with:

  • 4 counts of Aggravated Child Abuse—Serious Bodily Injury
  • 4 counts of Aggravated Child Abuse—Dangerous Instrumentality
  • 2 counts of Aggravated Child Abuse—Torture
  • 2 counts of Aggravated Child Neglect—Dangerous Instrumentality
  • 2 counts of Aggravated Child Neglect—Torture2 counts of Aggravated Child Neglect—Serious Bodily Injury

Both are behind bars on $400,000 bond and will be arraigned in the near future. The children are with their biological father, who now has primary custody.

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