Baby happy, healthy 2 months after being thrown from Cocke County crash

(source: Brittany Rankin)

NEWPORT (WATE) – Nearly two months ago a car crash on I-40 in Cocke County turned into every parent’s worst nightmare. A baby, just two months old, was thrown from his car seat but amazingly enough he survived.

Investigators at the time said the baby’s mom, Brittany Rankin, was driving around a curve when she veered off the shoulder, over-corrected, and hit a cable barrier. Because of that, the car rolled over and the baby was thrown from his car seat.

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Rankin said Thursday he’s happy, healthy and just like any other baby. Landon is currently living with a foster family, but his parents say they’re doing all they can to get him home. She say it’s hard to believe her son, who is almost four months old, lived despite a terrible accident and only having broken bones.

Brittany Rankin and LAndon (source: Brittany Rankin)
Brittany Rankin and Landon (source: Brittany Rankin)

“When you see your son laying there and not making a noise or anything, of course you’re going to think the worse. I don’t know what I would’ve done if anything worse would’ve happened,” said Rankin.

The last few months have been tough for this young mom. She says she replays the crash whenever she goes by where it happened.

“That was the worst day of my life. I can honestly say that and as soon as I saw him and heard him cry, I just stopped and thanked God right there. I knew he was okay. I knew he was alive. For him to not have any head injuries or anything, I know he was being watched over.”

Landon has gone through surgeries and while he’s not at home, he gets to see his mom a few times a week.

“I know I messed up but I’m going to do what I have to to make everything right,” said Rankin.

She’s doing that by taking parenting classes and working to finish her GED,

“I’m not going to give up until everything is fixed.”

Until that day it’s pictures helping to ease Rankin’s heartache. “Every time I see him I promise him I’m going to get him home.”

As part of her case, Rankin is not allowed to drive or get a license for some time. She says she hopes to have Landon home by his first birthday. Tennessee Highway Patrol has not responded to questions about Rankin’s charges.

Landon’s father is also taking parenting classes as a way to regain custody with Rankin.

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