Bullets shatter windows during Indiana church service

(Photo: WISH)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Gunshots rang out during Sunday morning services at an Indiana church.

Windows and glass doors were shattered when bullets hit Charity Church at 2700 South Tibbs Avenue in Indianapolis as the 10 a.m. service wrapped up, Pastor Paul Slagle told WATE 6 On Your Side’s sister station, WISH.

Slagle said some of the gunfire hit a stone wall with the church’s children’s ministry happening on the other side, but no one was injured.

Nearby businesses were also struck by the flurry of bullets. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department investigators believe the violence was random and the church was likely not targeted.

“The safety of our congregation remains extremely important to us,” Slagle wrote on the church’s Facebook page. “I want to give thanks to God for what did not happen! I’m reminded of the scripture that says ‘No weapon formed against us will prosper!’”

Slagle said the shooting appeared to come from the direction of South Tibbs Avenue.

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