Community rallies around Hawkins County quarterback in ICU

ROGERSVILLE (WJHL) – Cherokee High School’s quarterback JT Brooks was seriously injured Monday during a football scrimmage. Now the Hawkins County community is making sure the Brooks family knows they aren’t in this alone.

“The coaches have been there to support JT, this community has been overwhelming with the response that they’ve given to the family, people they don’t even know are showing up to help pray for JT.” Shona House said. House and her family have been friends with the Brooks family for decades.

Brooks is a sophomore and is the quarterback for Cherokee High School’s football team and plays baseball.

“Everybody loves JT. JT has a heart of gold, ” House said. “He is an encourager, he has a heart of compassion for other people and now that compassion is coming back to him.”

House said Monday night she got a text from JT’s dad Jimmy, “And Jimmy said ‘Shona I need for you to pray hard. JT’s been hurt,’” House said. “And he just said he’d got a hard hit in football during scrimmage and he’s in the ambulance and we’re on our way to the hospital, and so immediately I started praying.”

Monday night at 11 p.m. JT went in to surgery and House said more than 100 people showed up and filled the waiting room.

She said though surgery went well, there are still lots of unanswered questions.

“Everybody’s been calling and asking you know what’s going on with JT, how’s it looking, is JT ever going to be able to walk again and you know what they’re working as hard as they can to make sure that happens and were very optimistic,” House said.

House said JT gave her son Justin optimism after Justin was in a serious car crash a few years ago.

“He was there for Justin rallying him on, telling Justin he could do it. And now it’s the other way around. Both of my boys FaceTimed JT the other day and told him ‘we’re here for you now, and now it’s time for you to do the same thing Justin did, you can pull out of this,’” House said.

She said JT and his family are holding on to hope.

“We’re scared but at the same time there’s a peace in our heart knowing that God is in control and that he’s going to take control of this situation,” House said.

JT is currently in ICU in Johnson City.

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