How to keep ticks away and what to do if you find one

Tick safety for your family

Tick (WTNH)

NEW HAVEN, Connecticut (WTNH) – Unfortunately this is one of the worst seasons we’ve had in quite some time for ticks. It often occurs in your own back yard. There are ways to prevent it, let’s take a look.

Dr. Zane Saul, Chief of Infectious Disease, Bridgeport Hospital: “So the tick season started. It started in April, goes through November, peaks in July.”

Unfortunately, the worst months for ticks are also the best months for being outside. The middle of your yard is typically safe, so where are the ticks living?

Frank Clancy, GreenSprays LLC: “It’s more those shady wooded edges where there’s stone walls, a lot of leaf litter.”

The more moist of an area, the more likely you are to have ticks waiting to latch on and bite you. But there are ways to help keep the ticks out of your yard. First off, this is a big no no, keep leaf piles far away from your house and yard, and use woodchips as a buffer.

“Woodchips, mulch, that’s a great thing to put down. Basically keeping a nice clean area is key. Ticks will get into areas where there’s a lot of moisture.”

Keeping your yard clean is important, but the best way to get rid of ticks (pause) is to hire a professional to come and spray your yard.

We have a high pressure hydraulic system that will blast into those areas 40 to 50 feet with a nice fine fog of material to really get underneath that leaf litter.

Just be aware of what’s being sprayed before you hire someone.

“Just insist that they’re using an organic product.”

So what should you do if you have a tick on you?

“You want to make sure you remove it properly, you want to use a tweezer. You want to get it at the head, you don’t want to smash it because that increases the likelihood of transmitting the disease.”

To see the full interview of signs, severity, and symptoms of Lyme disease, check out the video below:

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