Old crayons get a new life while adding a little color to the lives of children in the hospital

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Crayons: they come in all of the colors of the rainbow and you probably used one before you could even write. Now, California-based nonprofit The Crayon Initiative is giving old crayons a new life while adding a little color to the lives of kids in hospitals.

“We collect unwanted crayons from schools and restaurants and homes, bring them back in, remanufacture them into new crayons and then we donate those crayons to children’s hospitals,” founder Bryan Ware said.

The Crayon Initiative is sponsored by AAA Colorado, so their employees are showing their support by sorting used crayons by their color.

“It’s a bit nostalgic to play with the crayons,” said AAA employee Vanessa Day. “It kind of gets you back to elementary to high school days.”

“Everybody understands crayons. That box, the pop of it, the smell that comes out of the first box that they open,” said Ware.

Nearly 750,000 crayons which would’ve been destined for landfills are now making colorful masterpieces by the kiddos who could use them the most.

“When the kids are asked what they do with the crayons when they’re done in the hospital, almost all of them bring them home with them because it’s the best thing that they remember the hospital by,” Ware said. “It’s something tangible that they can bring as a good memory.”

“Kids who may not have the opportunity to play with crayons, whether they’re just in a hospital or program where they don’t get that opportunity, we get to create that from something we grew up making memories with,” said Day.

The Crayon Initiative is a 501C nonprofit and they’ve partnered with several restaurants and chains which donate their used crayons. To learn more about The Crayon Initiative and how you can help, visit: www.TheCrayonInitiative.org .

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