Hurricane names added to ‘retired’ list

TERRE HAUTE, IN. (WTHI) – Recently-retired tropical storm names are Erika, Joaquin, and Patricia. Hurricane and tropical storm names for the Atlantic and Pacific oceans are alphabetical on pre-determined lists that are recycled every six years.

The World Meteorological Organization decides on the names but also retires the names when the storms are very deadly or expensive. The names are chosen to represent all nations that tropical weather impacts.

Tropical Storm Erika killed more than 30 people in the Carribean in August of 2015. Most of the deaths were on the island of Dominica.

Hurricane Joaquin killed nearly 3 dozen people in the Bahamas in October, 2015, as it battered some of the islands. Most of fatalities were people on-board the El Faro cargo ship.

Hurricane Patricia was a category 5 storm off the west coast of Mexico in October of 2015, and is now the record-strongest observed hurricane in either the eastern Pacific or in the Atlantic Ocean basins. 10,000 homes were damaged or destroyed in Mexico.

Here’s the full list of active names worldwide for tropical storms and hurricanes.

Here’s the list of retired storm names.

Other names that have been retired include Camille, Frederic, Ivan, and Katrina.

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