Dog with chain, cinder block found in Grainger County lake

WASHBURN (WATE) – The Grainger County Sheriff’s Office is searching for someone who tied a cinder block around a dog’s neck and threw it in Norris Lake.

The dog was found on April 21 at 3:20 p.m. at Black Fox Bridge. When deputies arrived they said they found a pit bull floating between the old bridge and the new bridge.

Logan Maples, 14, and a group of his friends said they also spotted the dog, pulled it from out of the water, and buried it. Maples said they’re disgusted by the actions of the person responsible.

“We seen the dog laying face down in the water being pulled down by something,” Maples of Maynardville said.

Maples said it was something he’s seen before on social media.

“I never knew it was this close. If I knew it was this close, I would have come the day it was posted,” Maples said.

The Grainger County Sheriff’s Office said they’re only investigating one situation like this for now. They said the man who told them about the dog said it appeared to be there anywhere from several days to even months.

Maples and others said the part of the lake where the dog was found in Grainger County is a popular hangout spot. At this time, investigators said nobody has come forward witnessing the dog being thrown into the water.

“I’d be sick over it. I couldn’t imagine somebody doing that to my dogs. I’ve got three of them,” Dylan Merritt of Luttrell said.

They hope the person who did it is caught.

“Somebody don’t have a heart. Don’t know what a heart is,” Maples said.

Investigators said they don’t have any reports of missing dogs in the immediate area. Right now there are no leads or suspects in the investigation, according to Grainger County Sheriff James Harville. Anyone with details or information in the case is asked to call the Grainger County Sheriff’s Office at (865) 828-3613.

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