Austin-East students learn how to make healthier foods

Austin-East students in the kitchen.

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – American Culinary Federation Chefs from around Knoxville are offering a class called “Chef and Child Education” to Austin-East High School students.

Chefs and nutritionists are hoping to change the food choices and routines teenagers make before it begins impacting their health.  Students were learning to make better food choices and how to have more independence.

“They don’t have to rely on fast food all their life and they can go in the kitchen, cook for themselves or their family,” said chef and Austin-East alumni Anthony Greenlee.

Friday, students learned how to make strawberry-mango smoothies and oatmeal cookies. A big portion of the food was dropped off at Avalon Hospice of Knoxville.

“I think it’ll help me out because I’ll be having my moments where I’ll try and eat fat and then instead I can just make a smoothie and be okay,” added Kenondra Cornelius a senior at Austin-East.

Nutritionists said when students make food themselves, they learn what foods are healthy. Some students said they also hope to apply the class to their career one day.

“Being a physical therapist sometimes you have to tell people, or recommend people, certain foods that they have to do to work with the body or anything they’re trying to strengthen,” said Damarquise Nelson a senior at Austin-East.

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