TVA may sell headquarters in Downtown Knoxville

They would like to remain in downtown Knoxville

TVA Headquarters in Downtown Knoxville

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – TVA says it may sell their headquarters building in Market Square, option for a smaller building instead.

“We are only using 40 percent of the space, and selling and relocating to an adjacent site could provide development opportunities for the City of Knoxville and cost savings for our customers,” Said TVA president and CEO Bill Johnson.

TVA has considered selling the building before, back in 2004, but conditions were less favorable. The company says it would like to remain downtown.

“TVA is committed to downtown Knoxville and we plan to maintain our headquarters here for the foreseeable future,” Johnson continued. TVA will continue to consider their options before going to the Board of Directors about the issue later this year.

Some Knoxville officials say it could be good for the city’s economy.

“It would allow for another corporate headquarters to come in and puts those buildings back on the tax rolls and so that’s going to make a huge economic impact. It could be a lot of things , the more people you bring down the more need for retail,” said Brad Anders, a Knox County Commissioner.


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