Tennessee middle school takes new approach to keep kids safe

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Haynes Middle School in north Nashville has a new approach to keeping kids safe in school.

It’s new principal, Dr. Canidra Henderson, came in and shifted the entire school day around to create an advisory block.

From situations building up at home, or in the hallways between each other, it is the core of the school’s safety plan.To students, it is better known as “a time for everyone to get things off of their chest.”

Things start out light and then often turn into talking about something they saw on the news that morning. Sometimes their family members are involved or something tragic happens in a student’s neighborhood.

The students in this community specifically sometimes deal with heavy thoughts.

So this is where they get to build a relationship with an adult every morning so they feel comfortable working through issues before they turn violent.

“They approach adults which is so much different from any other. And it really allows them to feel safe enough to come to any adult and say hey I’m having a problem and I think I need to talk it out,” said Dr. Henderson.

She said they are seeing results and it allows the adults to get a handle on the situation before anything happens.

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