McMinn County woman charged with TennCare fraud

Etowah charged with doctor shopping for painkillers

Heather Dillard, 31 (Office of Inspector General)

ETOWAH (WATE) – A woman from McMinn County is facing charges after the Tennessee Office of Inspector General said she was doctor shopping for painkillers and using TennCare as payment.

Heather Dillard, 31, of Etowah was charged with three counts of fraudulently obtaining prescription drugs. The Office of Inspector General said Dillard was going from doctor to doctor to get prescriptions for Oyxcodone and Hydrocone.

TennCare fraud carries a sentence of up to two years in prison per charge. If found guilty, Dillard could face up to six years in prison.

“The abuse of prescription drugs is a public health threat and can carry hefty penalties when a person is caught,” Inspector General Manny Tyndall said. “This type of fraud in TennCare is a blatant abuse of taxpayer dollars and we are out to stop this activity.”

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