Farragut teen arrested after driving vehicle onto go-cart track

(Photo: Knox County Sheriff's Department)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A Farragut teen faces charges after investigators say he drove his car onto a go-cart track.

The owner of Sir Goony’s Family Fun Center says Steven James Popovich, 18, ran over the track’s railing and onto the track Friday at 1:08 p.m. The suspect went around the track several times before hitting the business owner’s leg when exiting.

The victim was trying to take pictures of Popovich’s vehicle. The suspect continued to drive to the other end of the track, according to the report. The suspect ran over the railing again and drove the car to the parking lot.

The report says Popovich left the business westbound on Kingston Pike.

The business owner was able to get a picture of the suspect’s license plate and noticed a Farragut High School Parking Pass (032).

The report says the suspect’s vehicle was found at the school. Investigators say the suspect admitted to leaving school and driving on the track.

Popovich faces charges for aggravated assault and vandalism. According to the report, the railing and tires around the track were damaged during the incident.

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