6 homes to be burned in Maryville for firefighter training

Specialized dones and robotics will used in the fire investiagion

8 Borruff Street.

MARYVILLE (WATE) – Forensics investigation company, Donan, in Maryville is preparing a controlled burn event May 3-5.

The company will intentionally burn 6 vacant homes, one with a vehicle in the garage for experimental purposes.

“Not only will it provide valuable training for these community members, it will help clear space for a new development in our community.” Said Marge Shonnard, chief operating officer for Asbury Inc. “We look forward to sharing those details soon.”

The event will include training at the burn sites as well as classroom instruction for firefighters at the Maryville Fire Department.

They will use drones and robotics to investigate the burn sites and learn the cause of the fires.

Donan’s managing director said, “Our company has long been known as an innovative leader in forensic investigation, and we are glad to be able to offer this type of unique learning event to benefit the local fire departments and our customers as well.”

There will also be a staged fire deposition coordinated by seasoned defense attorneys. The International Association of Arson Investigators will be in attendance as well.

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