4 smartphone apps to help sell your unwanted stuff

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Spring is here and chances are you are looking to declutter your home. There are some easy options for those who don’t want to deal with garage sales or consignment events.

There are hundreds of ways you are using your smartphone to keep connected, organized and entertained but what about using it to sell things you don’t want any more from around your home?

Any parent can relate to the moment you realize some of the toys your child has cast aside must go. “Ethan was hardcore into Ninja Turtles for a while, so we are selling our Shellraiser that we had for a while. He decided he was finally ready to part with it,” says Knoxville mother Krystyn Maxa.

Krystyn Maxa
Krystyn Maxa

Maxa decided instead of letting toys sit around the house, to make some cash. She didn’t want to deal with a consignment sale. They take a little bit of work – bagging, tagging and pricing each toy. Instead she opted for what she considers to be a simpler way to sell.

“So then I saw this app, Close5, and thought maybe I will try some on there and see if I have any better luck.”

There are lots of smartphone apps that make it easy for you to sell your items. Popular ones include, Listia, Carousell, Close5 and Poshmark. You post a picture and price on an Instagram-style feed and from there people contact you if interested to buy.

“One of the cool things is you can go in and add your maximum distance,” says Julie Goodrich with US Cellular.

She says online shopping is extremely popular with 56 percent of all smart phone users taking advantage of the convenient option.

“For somebody that is looking to buy or sell items close to home, we would recommend Close5. It’s a really neat application that uses your location on your phone to look maybe five or ten miles from your location,” says Goodrich.

Julie Goodrich
Julie Goodrich

In addition to toys, clothes are hot sell items as ell. Maxa says she’s tried Poshmark to sell her clothing and she’s made a couple of hundred dollars by just cleaning out her closet. Poshmark involves shipping but it provides the seller a pre-paid, pre-addressed label to put on the box. The buyer pays for shipping.

For apps that let you sell locally, it’s recommended you meet in a well-lit, populated area to exchange the money and item. Even better, meet in a local police department parking lot.

“I feel like you can get a little bit more money with the apps because I am not paying any commission to anybody. It’s free and I can just meet somebody down the road.”

Apps to sell your stuff:

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