Man steals wallet from South Knoxville grandmother

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – An 82-year-old woman in South Knoxville is still in complete shock after a theft occurred at her home Sunday afternoon. Edward Davies said his sweet grandmother Doris Seay was a vulnerable target after opening her door to a stranger.

“If he’d do this to an 82-year-old woman who’s trying to help him, he’ll do it to anybody. She would help absolutely anybody if she knows you or not,” said Davies.

Knoxville police say the thief tried to sell Davies’ grandmother some items she wasn’t interested in. So he left, but with more than what he came with.

“I’m guessing she just turned her back on him long enough for him to grab that wallet and get it in his pocket,” said Davies.

Her wallet had $650 in cash along with credit cards and personal ID cards. Once his grandmother noticed, she quickly called police and her family.

“I was mad and I was hurting for my grandmother, she was crying and just totally upset,” he said.

Davies started driving around hoping to find the thief.

Edward Davies
Edward Davies

“I drove around for two hours looking for him at least and I actually drove back through the projects this morning looking for him,” he said.

Davies didn’t have any luck. Police say the suspect is a white man with dark hair and a burr cut. He was last seen in blue jeans with curly designs on his pockets.

“I’d love to see somebody like that off the street,” said Davies.

Seay’s wallet was found Monday afternoon at the Montgomery Village Apartments by a good Samaritan. All of her identifcation and credit cards were inside, but her money was gone.

Police say they have a possible person of interest but won’t release his name at this time. If you have any information to help investigators you’re urged to call the Knoxville police at (865) 215-7212.

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