Kenny Bartley back behind bars for violating probation

Kenny Bartley in court.

LAFOLLETTE (WATE) – Convicted Campbell County school shooter Kenny Bartley is back is jail after pleading guilty Monday to multiple violations of his probation. He’ll have to serve the next 10 and a half months behind bars.

“Mr. Bartley and I had a very heart filled conversation and he feels it is in his best interest to accept responsibility for the violations of probation,” said Bartley’s attorney Greg Isaacs.

Isaacs described life for Bartley since he was released from jail in 2014 after a jury found him guilty of reckless homicide in the 2005 school shootings.

“A number of years ago he was released. It has been a tumultuous journey,” said Isaacs.

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Later that year Bartley was out on probation for an assault against his father. He violated that probation picking up an assault charge against his mother. Bartley was given more probation this time with more stipulations. He was to live in Virginia with a woman named Erin Tepaske who counseled him when he was 14 and get treatment and wear a scram monitoring bracelet. However, he violated these rules.

Judge Shayne Sexton read of some of the probation violations: “Failure to provide current physical address. Failure to remain at the residence agreed upon at the plea. Failure to notify probation officer upon moving. Multiple violations detected by a scram bracelet.”

“There were some problems with people who were entrusted to his supervision and his control,” explained Isaacs.

The judge gave Bartley seven and a half months credit for time served. Bartley will still have to spend 10 and half months in jail.

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