Campbell County man charged with murdering wife, plea deal deadline set

(Photo: Campbell County Sheriff's Department)

CARYVILLE (WATE) – The plea deadline for a Campbell County man charged with felony murder of his wife was set Monday for May 9.

Investigators say Tommy Odell shot Wanda Odell in 2014. Wanda went to the couple’s house to pick up belongings after moving out of the residence.

A friend of Wanda’s claimed Tommy was abusive.

“She told me it was an abusive relations, that he had chased her with guns before and that he had hit her,” said Wanda’s friend Michelle. Michelle did not want her last name to be said.

Investigators say Tommy claimed Wanda stole from him when the victim arrived at the house. Wanda was shot in the chest while standing in the hallway, according to deputies.

WATE 6 On Your Side reached out to investigators to find out more on the couple’s past. Investigators say this was the first time a call was made to the home for a domestic dispute.

Tommy Odell is being held at the Campbell County Jail on a $1-million bond.

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