Business booming for Knoxville gardening centers

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Only one week into spring, business is booming for gardening centers in Knoxville.

“As soon as I get out of my car from work, I go straight to the garden before I go in the house,” said Sonya Sneed.

“When it warms up, it’s a relief to be able to leave the house and be out in the yard,” said Pete Couce. “I’ve been thinking about this garden all winter.”

Claxton Mayo, president of Mayo Garden Center, said as temperatures go up, they’ve been busier and busier.

“The weather has everything to do with our business. If it’s pretty outside, the birds are singing and the sun’s out, people want to work in their yard,” said Mayo. “If it’s cold and rainy, we’re not so busy.”

Sonya Sneed says she’s loves flowers and can’t have enough.

Lawn mowers at a hot item at Mayo Garden Center.
Lawn mowers at a hot item at Mayo Garden Center.

“I’m going to expand my flower garden, my grass has already been treated and it’s pretty,” said Sneed. “I have a lot of flowers, I have seven hydrangea’s of different types and I have day lilies, peonies.”

“They’ll be buying flowers, fertilizing their lawn, maybe receding their lawn just anything to prepare for warm weather,” said Mayo.

Pete and Sandra Couce said planting seeds is great opportunity to spend time with their grandson.

“I want to teach my grandson about growing plants, these are mostly food plants; there’s broccoli, lettuce, spinach and zucchini,” said Couce.

Even though flowers seem to be a hot item at Mayo Garden Center, Claxton says lawn mowers are selling out fast.

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