Allegiant Air flight returns to gate 3 times in Florida

(Photo: WFLA)

ORLANDO (WFLA) – An Allegiant Air flight in Florida was returned to a gate three times for different issues with three airplanes and then finally canceled to be rescheduled, the company representatives confirmed Thursday.

Flight 682 was scheduled to fly from Orlando to Grand Rapids, MI, Wednesday afternoon. A few minutes after the plane started taxing, it was returned to the gate due to a mechanical issues.

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The passengers boarded a different aircraft and a few hours later, when they were getting ready to take off, it also got back to the gate after taxing with an unrelated mechanical problem. When the passengers boarded the third plane and started taxing, it had to go back again due to the cabin lighting issue.

According to the Allegiant representative, the passengers got hotel rooms for the night, an option to book a different flight for free or get a full refund. They also received free food and drinks at the gates and $200 vouchers for future travel.

The flight was rescheduled and took off Thursday morning. It made it to Michigan around 11 a.m.

A passenger on that flight who called our newsroom told us that the ordeal took many hours.

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