Man banned from Amazon

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Greg Nelson has been banned from making purchases from Amazon. The Guardian reports that he has returned 37 of the 343 total purchases he has made from the site. Now Amazon is saying he cannot buy anything else ever again, and he will lose his current gift card balance.

Nelson says all the returns he’s made have been for legitimate reasons usually relating to quality, or a discrepancy in his expectation for the product versus what he actually received. Nelson says that Amazon never gave him a “proper explanation” for stopping him from using the site, and is unhappy about the situation.

“As a previously fervently loyal fan of amazon who has been a customer since 2002, I understand that it is trying to protect its business – however I find its actions in this situation totally egregious. I could understand if there were evidence, but there isn’t.”

The law allows Amazon to refuse service to anyone, and the company says they close down only a tiny fraction of accounts that have been subjected to abuse.

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