Grandkids stand up their grandpa, sad photo goes viral

KNOXVILLE (WKRN) –  A photo of a sad grandpa eating a hamburger is breaking the Internet after it was posted to Twitter.

The photo shows Kelsey Harmon’s grandpa eating one of 12 burgers he made for some no-show guests–his five other grandchildren.

“He made 12 burgers for all six grandkids and I’m the only one who showed,” her tweet with the photo reads.

The Internet wasn’t happy that Harmon’s five cousins stood grandpa up, WTEN-TV reports. Many say they found it heartbreaking and retweeted the post almost 140,000 times.

Harmon says she received hundreds of messages from people saying her tweet encouraged them to visit their own grandparents.

Many on Twitter are now using this an a reminder to call their own grandparents. As far as Kelsey’s grandpa goes:

“Papaw is great,” Kelsey later added. “Please know he is loved deeply, and now widely.”

As Kelsey mentioned in her note about her newfound internet fame, several memes have been created featuring Papaw, and she shared a few on her Twitter account.

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