Maryville unveils statue of war hero Sam Houston

Tennesseans call the statue a great addition to the city.

MARYVILLE (WATE) – The city of Maryville celebrated its most well-known historical resident Saturday with the unveiling of war hero Sam Houston.

State and community leaders visited the area to commemorate the former Tennessee governor and two-term congressman. Houston is famously known for helping Texas win its independence from Mexico, going on to become the first president of the Republic of Mexico, and then U.S. Senator and Texas Governor.

Senator Lamar Alexander said he views Sam Houston as his hero, having named his son and grandson after the historical figure.

“He resigned both of the governor positions as a matter of principle,” Alexander said. “In Texas, he wouldn’t take an oath to the Confederacy so he stepped down and twice, he almost became President of the United States.”

Hundreds of people attended the unveiling ceremony, many calling the statue a great addition to the city.

“I think it’s a real honor it’s here,” said Dr. Bob Proffitt, resident of Maryville.

The statue can be found in front of the Municipal Building at the corner of Broadway and Lamar Alexander Parkway.

“This a great event for the city of Maryville and the citizens of Maryville and Tennessee too,” said David Wright, as he observed the statue. “It’s an unveiling of a public work of art… picking a famous Tennessean and Texan, as well as a great American.”

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