Sevierville mailboxes stay put after road concerns

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – It wasn’t rain or snow, nor sleet or hail that almost kept the postman from his delivery rounds. It was pot holes.

Last month, 11 families thought they were going to have relocate their mailboxes almost a mile down their road, because of the concerns over road conditions. The move was a big concern for disabled veteran Curis Rumbaugh, because he has to get medication by certified mail under VA Rules.

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Sevierville MailboxHowever, there’s been a reprieve. Curtis and his neighbors put down eight and a half tons of gravel to fill pot holes along their private road. Despite the new gravel, there are still a few pot holes, but it passed the postmaster’s personal inspection.

“The postmaster met with us down at the corner and he said this is good enough that they’ll keep the mail delivering for now,” said Curtis. So residents along this private road never had their mail service disrupted. However, they have been told by the postal service to keep the roads as free of pot holes as possible.

“They’ve decided as long as we try to maintain it, they’ll keep the mail rolling. I’m thankful,” said Rumbaught’s neighbor, Ron Durham.

The postal service said it is not uncommon for a postmaster to request improvements at delivery addresses to improve the safety of its carriers. Sometime this week, Sevieville’s postmaster is expected to check up on the condition of the road near Curtis Rumbaugh’s home.


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