Maryville woman’s broken refrigerator finally replaced by manufacturer

Denise Delacqueseaux and her new refrigerator

MARYVILLE (WATE) – A Maryville woman whose refrigerator didn’t work after repeated attempts to fix it finally has her problem solved. The manufacturer got her a new fridge.

Denise Delacqueseaux plugged in her new LG French Door fridge a few days ago and it works.

“It’s cool. It’s what I need: a working refrigerator,” she said with a laugh.

The refrigerator Delacqueseaux bought three years ago quit working in October. Just about every system on the unit was replaced, but it still didn’t work.

“LG sent a representative out with the diagnostic equipment and he deemed the refrigerator unrepairable,” she said.

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Delacqueseaux says she knew that months ago but couldn’t get anybody to listen. She paid for a new circuit board in January out of her own pocket. She spent nearly $800 in labor costs on the old refrigerator which at the time only had a limited guarantee.

Most companies that manufacture refrigerators have warranties. For the first year, from the date of purchase, parts and labor on the unit are guaranteed. From years two through ten, certain parts are guaranteed but not all. Under this type of limited warranty, you would have to pay labor costs after the first year.

“I have a warranty on the sealed system and the compressor,” said Delacqueseax. “I have to pay for the labor. The longest it’s run is maybe three or four hours.”

WATE 6 On Your Side first reported on Delacqueseaux’s refrigerator in January. In early February, she received a letter from the manufacturer.

“We regret to hear of any problem or inconvenience you may have encountered with your LG product,” read the letter.

“I had spoken to them on the phone many times. I was told it wasn’t under warranty. There wasn’t anything they could do,” she said.

LG said it would return $1,400 as a buy back as long as Delacqueseaux agreed to a unit just like the old one.

She’s not the only one who has had problems with this particular model. One website contains nearly 1,500 complaints.  A lady from New Jersey wrote, “had numerous repair visits trying to fix the compressor and sealed systems.” In December, a Texas woman wrote, “purchased an LG refrigerator less than 2 years ago. Last week the compressor went out.”

“Like I explained to them, if there are that many complaints, you have to admit there is a problem.  She said, ‘We don’t have control over what people put on the Internet,'” said Delacqueseaux.

This time, to be on the safe side, she bought an extended warranty, which she didn’t do with her original fridge. She has already received her $1,400 from the manufacturer and another $400 from the appliance store.

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