Kansas kitten found with 2 bullets in back, leg

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW)  – A 7-month-old kitten was found with two gunshot wounds last week in Kansas.

“It’s both infuriating and really disappointing that some people have the capacity in them to do something like this,” said Sarah Coffman with Wichita Animal Action League.

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A woman in southwest Wichita says she noticed a kitten that was dragging its back legs, unable to walk.

“She didn’t have money to get it checked out at a vet and she was very upset and concerned about this little kitten’s condition. So we offered to pay for her to go to the vet and get checked out,” said Coffman.

Her next thought was that the kitten may have been hit by a car, but to her surprise, the cat named Athena was shot twice. A bullet was found on her spine and another bullet grazed her on the back of her front leg.

“I said you’ve gotta be kidding me. No one, no one would do that. No one would shoot a cat,” Coffman said.

The organization filed a report with police, hoping for an investigation. And they want more. They want the Sedgwick County District Attorney to consider filing charges.

For now, Athena will undergo surgery which is both costly and risky.

“It’s a very dangerous surgery. If it doesn’t go well, if the bullet isn’t removed just precisely how it went in, she can be completely paralyzed,” said Coffman.

She calls surgery a bit of a gamble but says the kitten is worth the risk. Wichita Animal Action League will take Athena to Kansas State University for her surgery on Monday.

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