Blount County man charged with dragging wife with vehicle

James Thomas (source: Blount County Sheriff's Office)

MARYVILLE (WATE) – A Blount County man was arrested on domestic assault charges Saturday after his wife said he dragged her with his vehicle and ran over her foot.

James Hubert Thomas, 59, is charged with aggravated domestic assault. A police report indicates officers were called to Monroe Avenue just before 2:30 p.m. The victim said Thomas dragged her with his van down the street as she clung to the driver’s side window. When she let go, she said Thomas continued driving and the rear tire ran over her right foot and ankle.

A witness confirmed the victim’s account, adding that Thomas squealed the tires of his van as he ran over his wife’s foot.

“Yeah it was terrible. I mean she was obviously in hurting pretty bad. She was in agony,” said neighbor Tony Shultz.

Thomas also confirmed the story, but said he believes his wife intentionally put her foot in the path of his tire.

“She’s very fortunate. I was really expecting something really bad when I got over there, she was just limping around a bit. She was very lucky,” said Shultz.

Thomas was taken to jail without incident.

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