Beaten inmate reaches settlement with Knox County

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A settlement has been reached between a man who was shown in video being brutally beaten at the Knox County Detention Center and the county.

Louis Flack (source: KCSO)
Louis Flack (source: KCSO)

Louis Flack had been charged with aggravated assault and burglary in November 2014 when several videos show officers rushed into his cell and subdued him.

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One officer resigned during the investigation while two others were placed on administrative leave without pay. Officer Nicholas Breeden was later fired following an investigation. His trial is scheduled to begin in April.

Flack’s attorney described him as mentally ill and shared fears for the safety of others in custody with mental health problems.

Flack’s attorney filed a $5 million civil lawsuit against the county which was ordered into mediation last month. Federal court documents indicate both parties notified the court on March 11 that the case had been settled.

Flack’s sister Monnie Flack Nolan says the settlement was for $300,000, which she isn’t satisfied with.

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“My heart broke because no one should’ve went through that. Nobody. No we’re not happy at all and Louis is not happy,” she said.

The family feels like Baker took advantage of the Flack because of his mental illness. Nolan says no family members were allowed in the mediation when a settlement was reached.

“I feel like somebody able minded should’ve been there in that mediation because he looks to me for advice and stuff,” she said.

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She says since the coming home, her brother hasn’t been the same.

“My brother Louis is a mental patient and they knew that from the start. He’s not the same. He don’t even remember that he was in that jail. My brother weighed 225 pounds when he went to jail. He came home and he weighed 150 pounds,” she said.

Flack’s attorney Lance Baker issued this statement:

I have spoken with my client and he has informed me that he is completely satisfied with the resolution of this case.  I do not represent the entire Flack family.  No amount of money could make up for what Louis had to endure while he was incarcerated, and I appreciate the family’s frustration with the legal process. However, this settlement puts enough money in his hands to take care of his needs for the foreseeable future.  Almost every settlement results in some form of buyer’s remorse, and this case is no different.  My duty is to represent my client as zealously as possible, and I did that here to the best of my ability. Whatever attorney’s fee the Court decides to award in this case will not come out of Louis’ part of the settlement, as that amount is set.  Instead, any fee I am awarded will come from Knox County.

As far as any claim that I might have taken advantage of Louis’ mental illness, nothing could be further from the truth.  During the mediation, Louis had the benefit of the advice and counsel of two attorneys, along with a federal magistrate.  My representation was guided by the rules of ethics and I took pains to make sure that Louis’ best interests were always considered.


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