‘Turn around don’t drown,’ stay safe during flooding

Flooding and flash flooding can be deadly during severe weather.

Truck stuck in high waters on a submerged bridge just East of Clinton on February 24, 2016.

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Standing water may look harmless at first sight, but just six inches of water over the road can wash away your car.

Flooding is the second deadliest weather related killer in the nation and is not something to take lightly. “The national weather service created a slogan in the late to mid 90s called ‘turn around don’t drown,’ and it’s a public awareness campaign that we use,” said Andrew Pritchett.

Flash flooding can wash away roads without warning. If you can’t see the pavement, it is a sign to turn around.

On hiking trails flash flooding can also be deadly. Hiking is a huge attraction around East Tennessee, but the small creeks and rivers can rise at a deadly rate. Before venturing into the woods, always check the latest forecast.

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