Property owners push back against Magnolia Avenue improvement project

Magnolia Avenue

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Concerns are growing over the Magnolia Avenue project in East Knoxville.

The city wants to add curbs and sidewalks, as well as more trees shrubbery and planters, but property owners say those additions will block entrances to their businesses.

This is the best thing that could happen through here, and it needs to be. But when you’re redoing a district, you want it to be simply successful. And if there’s no parking to the business which with the addition to the street here, we’re getting ready to lose the street front parking,” said building owner John Coker.

“As you can look at the design of the sidewalk right now, they have a lot of pull-in and back-out parkers. which we think is a hazard as people back out onto Magnolia Avenue. So we want to safen that access point up. There will be an opportunity to provide some on-street parking as well,” said Dawn Michelle Foster, Knoxville director of redevelopment.

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Once all of the plans and funding are finalized, the city says they hope to get started next fall. Although the public comment period is over, the city is still open to feedback and suggestions.

More online: Magnolia Avenue Streetscapes Project

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