Police: 4 arrested for alleged kidnapping, assault and robbery

Alonzo D. Johnson (Photo: Knox County Sheriff's Office)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Four suspects are now in custody for allegedly kidnapping, assaulting and robbing a Knoxville man.

Investigators believe Alonzo Johnson, Reginald Marsh and Katlin Taylor kidnapped the victim on January 29. The police report says the three forced the victim into 4502 Holston Drive. The victim’s head was struck and his body was punched with a 5-pound weight. The suspects allegedly took $80 and a debit card from the victim. The victim claims he was beaten until he gave them his PIN number.

Taylor tried to withdraw money from the victim’s account, according to investigators. However, there was an insufficient amount. The victim was forced to tell the location of his apartment at 4448 Holston and give up his key. The suspects, along with Franklin Sanders broke into the apartment and took a black bag, a grayish-black backpack, a DVD player, boots and a 32-inch TV, according to investigators.

The victim claims he was forced to masturbate in order for the incident to appear as if he raped someone. The report says the victim was hit by Johnson when he was not able to perform the request. Investigators say the victim fought back and fled the scene.

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