East Tennessee gas prices could go up almost a dime in March

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Gas prices could go up almost a dime in March, according to AAA.

“If you fill up a 15 gallon tank, a dime a gallon is going to cost you an extra $1.50 and that’s something to consider,” said Don Lindsey, AAA Public Affairs Director. “For a lot of people, if they’re driving a lot and their income is really low, that $1.50 can mean a lot.”

Lindsey says there are several reasons why there will be a small spike in prices.

“The gasoline refineries have to change over to a summer blend of fuel and that requires closing down whole sections of the refinery and cleaning out all the pipes,” said Lindsey. “Doing all this that takes away from the supply of gas in the country.”

Lindsey also said prices will rise in March because more people are beginning to take spring road trips, creating a demand for gas which increase prices at the pump.

UT student Caitlyn Woodside travels home to Nashville often. She was heading to Alabama on Thursday.

“When I go home it’s real expensive to pay for gas. It’s obviously a hassle and I would like to spend that money on other things,” said Woodside. “We all have to pitch in a little extra which can be a bummer for spring break or any kind of road trip.”

Lindsey said it’s anyone’s guess what will happen with the gas price roller coaster because things can change on a dime.

“I mean it would be nice to keep it low, but I understand the fluctuation with vacation and stuff like that. But any time you can save money is a good time so it would be nice to keep it low,” said Woodside.

According to AAA during the past five years, gas prices in March rose an average of eight cents nationwide and six cents in Tennessee.

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