On Your Side Hero volunteers 12,000 hours to help seniors

Jimmy Jordan changing an air filter.

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – I was warned that this week’s 6 On Your Side Hero is so humble, he might not accept the accolades. So, I decided to surprise him.

Francis and Lola Heck of Knoxville nominated Jimmy Jordan, a volunteer with the Senior Citizens Awareness Network, or SCAN. It operates under the direction of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

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Jordan is one of 65 SCAN volunteers who take time to seniors in a number of ways, from providing wellness checks to providing resources. The Hecks, also SCAN volunteers, say Jordan serves far beyond what is expected of him. He has logged 12,000 volunteer hours over the last 12 years in the SCAN program. He has installed wheelchair ramps, pet enclosures, electrical repairs, safety handles in showers, installed gates, doors, ceiling fans and other conveniences to help people have a better quality of life.

I caught up with Jordan as he paid a visit to Bonnie Strevel. He thought our crew was there to do a story on SCAN. We watched as he replaced air filters, changed the batteries in smoke alarms, and checked on Bonnie’s new central heat and air unit that he installed, using materials he provided at no cost to Bonnie.

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When fellow volunteer Francis Heck showed up at Bonnie’s house while we were there and Jordan learned that Bonnie had baked a cake, he knew something was up. Francis told me that he saw the WATE 6 On Your Side segment on saw your segment on community heroes and Jordan came to mind. “We decided to submit a letter to you and recommend him for that award,” he said.

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All who volunteer with Jordan agree that he gives 150 percent every day. “His uniqueness is his heart. He’s got a great big heart and it’s made of gold. He will do anything for you, anytime, and all you have to do is ask him, and he’s there,” says Sergeant Glenwood White, who oversees the SCAN program.

Sergeant Glenwood White congratulates Jimmy Jordan .
Sergeant Glenwood White congratulates Jimmy Jordan .

Francis says Jordan, who is retired from working for years with AT&T, uses his skills as a craftsman to help others. Jordan didn’t want to take credit for all he does. “You get a lot out of helping people, ” he said. “A lot of people need help. We get to know them and they welcome us into their house and you feel like family.”

“When they cry, we cry. So it’s really a blessing to get to visit with people,” Jordan added.

Bonnie White and Sergeant Glenwood White
Bonnie White and Sergeant Glenwood White

Just ask Bonnie and she’ll tell you it is Jordan who is the real blessing. “You are one in a million,” Bonnie tells Jordan with a hug.

You can contact SCAN at (865) 215-5627.

Our thanks and congratulations to Jimmy Jordan, our WATE 6 On Your Side Hero. As a mark of our appreciation, Jordan will receive a gift packet from our sponsors, Ted Russell Ford, Old Mill Lodging and Copper Cellar Family of Restaurants. The gift package will include a two nights lodging in Sevier County from Old Mill Lodging, a gift card to the Copper Cellar Family of Restaurants and Sevier County area attraction tickets.

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