West Knox County church damaged in thunderstorm

Other damage reported throughout Knoxville and Knox County

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Community Bible Church storm damage

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A West Knox County church was damaged when a tree fell during Wednesday’s storms.

Community Bible Church Pastor Richard Hobbs was in his office around 8:30 a.m. when the storm came through.

“I heard something it sounded like a jet plan coming through so I got up and looked out the front door and the wind was blowing so hard rain going sideways limbs coming off trees,” said Hobbs.

Then he heard a loud crash as a large tree came down, landing on top of the fellowship hall. Rafters came through the roof and even the walls cracked.

Hobbs says after the storm came through and people started to see the damage, neighbors and church members started calling and offering help. The building is insured and Hobbs hopes to have the restrooms up and running in a couple of days.

Church services will not be impacted.

“The building you can replace, bricks and mortar. Nobody was hurt. Thank God for that,” said Hobbs.

He hopes to have the damaged cleaned up and the fellowship hall repaired in three weeks.

Damage across Knoxville and Knox County

Other parts of Knoxville and Knox County were also hard hit during the thunderstorm. Residents reported flooding, down power lines and debris in the street.

On Central Street at Woodland, traffic lights were out and crews worked to fix down power lines on Lonas Drive.

In the Halls area on Norris Freeway near River Road, there were at least 50 uprooted trees and several branches covered the street.

“We looked across towards the west and the sun was out but the clouds were just black towards Oak Ridge. And next thing I know within two minutes clouds covered the building it was moving through,” said William Hull.

Drivers also say heavy rain in some areas caused a lot of flooding Wednesday.

“Just a lot running water in areas that are small creek beds, quite a bit of flowing water,” said Sandi Key. “I was around Cedar Bluff and saw some standing water.”

“A lot of rain and it was just storming. It looked wicked, scary actually,” said Hull.

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