Driver rescued from high waters in Anderson County

Man's truck became stuck on submerged bridge, just East of Clinton.

First responders rescued a man from high waters just East of Clinton.

CLINTON (WATE) – Morning storms caused some issues across Anderson County Wednesday.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said most of the weather related reports were for downed trees, but they also had one swift water rescue when someone tried to drive through high water crossing a bridge and got stuck.

“Seemed to me like about 8:00 we had another round of the bad weather come through, high winds and heavy rain,” said Gary Long, Anderson County Road Superintendent.

Ominous skies hung over Anderson County all day with gusts of wind picking up speed and pulling down trees and limbs throughout the county.

“Didn’t last long, but had several trees down on our county roads and power lines down in different locations,” said Long.

Next to the Anderson County Highway Department the roof of a salt shed was ripped off.

“When the roof came off next door it sounded like thunder actually when that hit the asphalt,” said Long.

A few miles away water rushed across a bridge on Irwin Mill Road. A truck got stuck in the middle.

“I heard the sirens and I look out and I see all the trucks and I thought, ‘Oh no. Someone’s drove out in that creek again.’ so I go look and there he was. I could not believe that,” said Peggy Beganie.

Beganie lives beside the bridge and said that was a sight she had seen before.

“It doesn’t take much for this creek to flood,” she said. “I stood there and watched and thought man those guys are good at this. They know what to do.”

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said that there were no other major incidents and no reports of any injuries because of the weather. They said it is a good reminder why you should not try to drive through high water. Crews had most of the downed trees cleared by Wednesday afternoon.

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