East Tennessee crews head out early to treat roads

Crews treat roads early to keep drivers safe.

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – With snow in the forecast, the Tennessee Department of Transportation and Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works pre-treated roadways early to ensure the safety of drivers and minimize the number of weather-related accidents.

“Today we’re putting down liquid brine,” said Chad Rutherford. “It’s a pre-treatment, so when it does snow, it makes our job a little easier.”

Sunday’s storm will mark the fourth snow fall in less than a week, and area road crews are bracing for the worst.

“We have access to 220 salt trucks and plows that will be working as necessary over the next day or so,” said Mark Nagi, Tennessee Department of Transportation spokesperson.

Crews advise drivers to stay off the roadway, if possible.

“The advantage that we have right now is that it is Sunday so no one is at work and a lot of people will be off for President’s Day so the roads won’t be at maximum capacity so I think that will help our crews a little bit,” Nagi said.


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