Knoxville businesses anticipate boost in sales this Valentine’s Day

Local businesses gear up for a busy Valentine's Day.

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Knoxville businesses anticipate a boost in Valentine’s Day sales, despite snow in the forecast.

The Knoxville Flower Pot is projecting the sale of up to 1,500 floral arrangements sold.

“Between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, those two holidays make up probably 60 percent or more of the whole year” said Don Thomas, floral designer.

Emily Campen, co-owner of the Flower Pot, said many customers made their flower purchases Friday.

“That was a very heavy day for us as far as orders and people coming in and people calling at the last minute saying ‘hey can you get flowers to my wife at work?” Campen said.

With Valentine’s Day falling on a weekend and President’s Day on Monday, Knoxville restaurants are expecting a large turnout. Based on sales from previous years, the general manager of Copper Cellar Jonah Riggs said he predicts the store will do three to four times the business of an ordinary day.

“We’ll be opening up at about 10:30 and as soon as you turn the key, people start flooding in the doors and it doesn’t really end until you start shutting it down at the end of the night,” Riggs said.

Despite the snow in the forecast, store managers do not expect the weather to affect sales.

“There’s still a lot of expectations,” Riggs said. “It’s a weekend-long event and if they’re really concerned , we want people to be safe, but if they’d like to move their reservations up tonight. We still have a few spots left.”

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