Crossville residents stock up on groceries, prepare for winter weather

CROSSVILLE (WATE) – Snow and icy conditions began early Monday evening on the Cumberland Plateau. Snow fell for several hours in Crossville and many people headed to the grocery stores to get ahead of the storm.

Many of the essentials at Kroger like milk and bread were picked over, forcing workers to restock the shelves.

“I buy lots of bottled water and milk and eggs and stuff I know that I’m going to need, my every day stuff,” said Tori McCrea.

Why do we stock up on milk and bread ahead of a snowstorm?

McCrea says that’s her typical routine when she knows a snowstorm is going to hit. She has three daughters and wants to make sure the house is stocked with food. Fortunately, she’s already bought the necessities and is picking up extra food.

“We saw the weather was getting bad and we decided that we already got our milk and eggs a few days earlier, but we decided we needed some foods we could put in the pantry. I’ve already stocked the refrigerator. Just some snack foods and stuff that we could eat later,” she said.

While McCrea lives in town and can usually get back to the store without a problem if she forgets something, that’s not the case for everyone.

“I live pretty far away so I wanted to get something before I get snowed in or something,” said Regina Hajny.

Road crews have also been preparing for the winter weather. The Cumberland County Road Department has its trucks gassed up, loaded with a salt and sand mixture to treat the roads. Everyone is on call to make sure the roads are safe.

They will be out all night and early Tuesday morning to make sure the roads are clear. Dispatchers expect to receive more calls as the conditions worsen.


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