Clinton residents prepare for deep freeze

CLINTON (WATE) – While some people are dealing with snow, others are getting ready for a deep freeze. Customers in Clinton have been coming in and out of the city’s hardware store all day Monday.

“People have been coming in like we’re having a blizzard,” said Kate Parker, a store clerk at Ace’s Hardware.

The snow that hit Clinton earlier on Monday is to blame for the busyness of the store. However, it was gone within a few hours. Many customers like Shane LaRue picked up a few things just in case.

“I thought it was a blizzard today and looked out and saw that it was snowing real hard and the next minute it’s gone,” said La Rue. “I’m prepared, I’ve got plenty of wood by the stove so me and my grandpa both, we’re ready to go.”

Even though the snow didn’t stick, Ace Hardware employees tell WATE 6 On Your Side lots of customers have been coming in to buy sleds and ice melt to prepare themselves for the cold snap.

Josh Chandler, a salesman with the store says he had to refill many propane tanks too. “A lot of people are just getting prepared for the cold weather coming on,” said Chandler.

Most of the shovels are already gone, only a few electrical heaters are left. Customers like LaRue say he’d rather be safe than sorry, even if the weather may not be that bad.

“It might be cold, but I’m not expecting a whole lot of snow. It’s going to get cold though, hoping the pipes don’t freeze again like it did last time,” said LaRue.

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