Family keeps searching for missing Morristown woman

Inesha Haygood (source: family)

MORRISTOWN (WATE) – Family members are still looking for a missing Morristown woman, but now they aren’t sure if they’ll find her dead or alive.

Inesha Haygood, 24, was last seen December 29 and hasn’t been seen since. Haygood’s family has been looking in and around Morristown for a month. They’ve gone to lakes, looked in tomato patches, anywhere they fear someone might have dumped a body.

Haygood’s family says the hardest part is not knowing if she’s alive.

“I’m praying she’s alive but I don’t think she is,” said Haygood’s mother Brenda. “But I’d still like to find her body.”

Brenda Haygood says she knows her daughter wouldn’t have just run away.

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“If she was alive she would have done contacted me and her baby,” she said.

Brenda Haygood
Brenda Haygood

She thinks something much worse has happened and those thoughts haunt her every day.

“They thought human trafficking might have her. You start thinking about what they’re probably doing to her and then you think about her laying somewhere dead, people just disposed of her body like that. Nobody deserves to be treated like that,” said Brenda Haygood.

Inesha Haygood has a 7-year-old daughter and Brenda Haygood says it’s hard for her.

“She’s thought she’s heard her Mama calling for her out the window before. She woke up that morning and she said, ‘Mama’s out there hollering for me, open the door.’ And her mom wasn’t out there,” she said.

The Haygoods and about 100 other volunteers search for Inesha every Saturday and will keep looking, no matter how long it takes.

“I’m going to keep looking for you no matter what if I got help or not, I’m going to find you myself,” said her brother Emanuel Haygood.

“We’re still going to search for you, I won’t give up,” said Brenda Haygood.

The family is asking for people to please look around their property, especially in places you might not go very often for any sign of Inesha Haygood. They also say they believe in the power of prayer and are holding a candlelight vigil Friday night at the Food City on Cumberland in Morristown at 6 p.m.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call police.

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