Burger King now offering extra-long cheeseburger coated in butter

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Burger King is firing off another shot in its ongoing burger war with Wendy’s.

The fast food chain is now selling an extra long cheeseburger that’s coated in butter.

The Extra Long Buttery Cheeseburger is just like the original extra long cheeseburger, with the addition of “a buttery garlic flavored sauce and a creamy mayonnaise spread.” It packs 710 calories, 47g of fat, 15g of saturated fat, 1.5g of trans fat, a massive 1,250mg of sodium and 46g of carbs.

If you’re on a health kick, we should point out there are also plenty of fresh cut veggies in between the buns.

According to Mashable, you’ll be able to get two of the buttery burgers for just $5 starting on Monday. That’s 1,420 calories if you have them both your way.

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