Blount County group working to get prosthetic leg for dog

MARYVILLE (WATE) – Dozens of people have donated money to help a three-legged dog surrendered to an East Tennessee animal shelter.

Reda is a chocolate lab currently up for adoption with the Blount County Animal Center, but she is missing part of a leg and volunteers are hoping to raise enough money to get her a prosthetic.

Reda was dropped off at the Blount County Animal Center in November in pretty rough shape.

“She had had part of her back leg amputated. It had not been done at a veterinary clinic. It was still a raw open wound,” said Judy Graham, Reda’s foster.

Since then Reda has been with her foster family, her leg healing, adapting to life without it.

“The first decision was to remove the leg altogether, but one of the volunteers saw her and she felt very passionately that Reda ought to be given a chance,” said Graham.


That volunteer took her to a vet at the University of Tennessee who decided Reda was a perfect candidate for a prosthetic leg, but her treatment will cost a few thousand dollars.

“County funding only provides the basics,” said Kristen Cummings, the fundraising leader for Smoky Mountain Animal Care Foundation.

A local store, 4 Chics and a Cat, chipped in to pay up front. They are now trying to raise money to help Reda with the rest of her journey.

The prosthetic is important to keeping Reda’s hips and joints healthy.

“It means that she’s not going to have to deal with all of the joint issues that labs have to deal with anyway,” said Cummings.

Reda goes next week to be fitted for her new prosthetic leg. Then she will go through physical therapy and eventually go to a forever home who can help take care of her.

“She’ll always be a special needs dog, but with the help of all the people who have contributed she’ll have a good start,” said Graham.

They are a group passionate about animals stepping in to help Reda have a better life.

“It gives us a chance to say we can as a community come together and make an absolute difference in our community’s lives,” said Cummings.

They have set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for Reda.

Anything extra that is raised will go to care for other animals at the shelter.

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