Knoxville 4-year-old thanks donor who helped save life

Donated platelets to MEDIC Regional Blood Center help treat boy fighting cancer


KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Racing around the hallways with Ninja Turtles, Jax Dalton makes Children’s Hospital his playground, with a giant smile on his face.

Aside from the hospital gown, you’d never know the 4-year-old is fighting cancer. “He’s so resilient and he’s so strong. I have no doubts he’s going to just go right through it,” said Jax’s mom, Brittany Dalton.

Jax has stayed strong since his October diagnosis. His parents, Brittany and Will Dalton, didn’t see the results coming.

“I panicked because never in my life would I ever think leukemia would come out of his mouth about my child. He’s never been sick, never thrown up, never had a cold, never nothing in four years,” said Brittany Dalton.

However, when the Daltons got the news their oldest child had leukemia, they quickly turned their panic into perseverance. “At first you feel alone and rocked and then all of a sudden people just start covering you and pouring love and money,” said Brittany Dalton.

People also showed their support. From MEDIC, that came in the form of numerous blood and platelet donations to Jax. Those life-saving donations came from people, like Susan Bernard, who’s been coming to MEDIC for more than 20 years.

“It’s such a worthy cause because the need is always there,” said Bernard. In fact, Bernard’s platelets keep little Jax going strong today.

“It makes you feel like people are with you and fighting with you. It’s awesome and it gives you strength,” said Brittany. It also shows how the power of donation literally gives life to people in need, like Jax.

The Daltons said Jax’s last treatment is scheduled for December 2018. They said the good news is, every report Jax has received has come back positive from doctors.

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