More than 1 foot of snow in Scott County

ONEIDA (WATE) – Scott County was one of the hardest hit areas. The National Weather Service said the area saw a foot of snow in some places. That’s left a lot of people inside and businesses shutting their doors.

All the snow is putting some community members like Nicky Walker to work.

“It’s rough, it’s the worst I’ve seen it in years,” said Walker.

On Saturday, Nicky cleaned the front of Mike’s Food Mart on Hwy 27, one of the few places left open for business in the county. Nicky is making sure that everyone is safe as they enter the doors.

“I’m tired of it but we can’t fight Mother Nature,” he said.

Frank West and his family pulled out their tractor trailer Saturday to help deal with the snow.

“Right now it’s pretty much done shut the county down,” said Frank.

The West’s had the task of clearing away snow in the parking lots of multiple businesses and churches in the area, helping neighbors who need an extra lift.

“Well we do it to try to help the county and the people in the communities,” said Frank.

All because some people in the area, like Jack’s 13-year-old grandson, say all of this snow is a new experience to him.

“I’ve never really seen this much, it’s coming up to almost my knees in a lot of places,” said Gabe, Frank’s grandson.

By the end of the day, West says he and his family had cleared at least 8 different parking lots.

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