Hamblen County deputies work to protect residents in the snow

MORRISTOWN (WATE) – Enough snow fell in Morristown Friday night and Saturday morning for deputies to patrol neighborhoods and make sure people don’t get stuck on the side of the road.

Morristown and Hamblen County as a whole have seen a lot of snow hit the ground, which can create dangerous situations for people in the area.

Lt. Chad Mullins with the Hamblen County Sheriff’s Department says he saw nearly two dozen cars stuck on the side of the road Saturday.

“We’re just staying on these secondary roads that are bad, checking for stranded motorists, trying to get them home off the roads,” said Lt. Mullins.

Amber Brotherton didn’t leave her house Saturday because of the snow. She’s happy to see deputies like Mullins helping those affected by the weather.

Amber Brotherton and family.
Amber Brotherton and family.

“I like that they’re being a little safe and I noticed the snow plows are keeping really good track of the roads because there are still some people who have to be out on the roads regardless,” said Brotherton.

Mullins says the snow means more responsibilities for deputies.

“It makes it a lot harder on us out here, but that’s the main thing, other than answering their regular calls that come in, then we’re having a lot of extra traffic,” said Mullins.

Brotherton enjoyed the weather by sledding in her front yard with her family.

“When they see the first snowflake, they’re ready. Whether you are or not, they’re ready,” she said.

The Hamblen County Road Superintendent says in the best case scenario, all of the roads will be back to normal by Sunday night. He says he’s already seen some of the snow melt and that means his crews will be out again getting it out of the way.

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