Price war drops gas to 47 cents in central Michigan

The current average price for gas is $1.84 in the United States.

HOUGHTON LAKE, Mich. (WOOD) – Drivers passing the gas stations in Houghton Lake wondered if there was some mistake.

Gas prices dropped well below $1 per gallon on Sunday in Central Michigan, while the price for gas in Michigan was $1.72 on average. The stations could be the first in the nation to drop their prices below $1 per gallon in years, Patrick DeHaan, GasBuddy’s senior petroleum analyst, said.

Houghton Lake is in central Michigan, south of Grayling. The Beacon & Bridge Market in Houghton Lake was selling regular unleaded at a mere $.47 per gallon Sunday evening, while the Marathon and Citgo had gas for $.95 per gallon at one point, according to a release from

The drop seemed to be the result of a price war, GasBuddy said.

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